Review: Rimmel Stay Gloss 3D lip gloss

Let it be known, I am a self-proclaimed lip gloss junkie. I have so many, you’d think I have 10 pairs of lips (now there’s a weird mental image…).

So whenever a new lip gloss hits the drugstore shelves and I can actually find it in my small town, I snap it up. Today, I’ll be talking about Rimmel’s new Stay Glossy 3D gloss.

This is a new version of Rimmel’s regular Stay Glossy product. I rather like the Stay Glossy line because for the price, it’s a really nice lip gloss. It claims to last up to 6 hours – well, I think we all know that isn’t going to happen with ANY lip product. But for me, they normally last on my lips at least a full two hours, so I think that’s pretty sweet.

Rimmel says the Stay Glossy 3D glosses make your lips look fuller, thanks to “multi-colored shine” and “color-changing sparkles”. Count me in!

 I found my gloss at CVS, and it was about $4-something. I believe you could find this cheaper at, say, Walmart, but either way, it’s a good price for this gloss.

When I saw the display, my eye went directly to the shade, “Lights, Camera, Action”. I love peachy-orange shades, and the beautiful sparkles intrigued me.

This has the same packaging as Rimmel’s regular Stay Glossy lip glosses, with a long spatula-style applicator. It also has the same scent, which I would describe as sort of a powdery floral scent. At first, I didn’t like the smell – but it has grown on me and I almost do not notice it. I actually like it, now. It’s different from all the usual vanilla or sugary scents many lip products have.

On the lips, this shade shows up as a sheer peachy pink color, with noticeable sparkles. The sparkles are thankfully not gritty at all – you do not feel them on your lips. This looks bright in the tube, but no worries – this would be a great everyday kind of shade.

I almost want to say that these make me think of MAC Dazzleglass. Oh, snap – Yes, I  said it. It’s way cheaper version, though, for a similar finish – for $4 you can have the same super sparkly duochrome look from Rimmel.

Well, the verdict is – I like it!
Disclaimer: The product in this review was purchased by me.

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When I'm not busy with housewifery and mommy duties, you may find me reading, cooking, sewing, or possibly even painting. Oh, and, I like makeup - a lot.
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