Review: Star Crushed Minerals


Finally, a beauty-related post!

I have for you a review of a relatively new indie cosmetic company – Star Crushed Minerals.

I found this etsy shop a few months ago and ordered during the grand opening sale. The prices were too good to pass up.

I was pleased with the service. The owner was very kind, and my items were shipped promptly. Everything arrived quickly, and she thoughtfully sent me a free sample of eye primer. Score!

I bought some eye shadows: Meteorite, Moon Dust, Earthy Gold, Teal, and Neptune Star. I also bought two blushes: Peachy Sheen, and Apricot.

The shades are all very beautiful. They are pigmented, with rich colors. The texture is super smooth, and blend easily. No weird clumpy texture like some loose shadows sometimes have.
Alright…. let’s see some pictures!
Moon Dust is a shimmery, slightly sheer pearl.
Neptune Star is a rich, sparkling green.
Teal shimmers with deep aqua hues.
Earthy Gold is my favorite, gorgeous bronze and gold sparkles.
Meteorite is a sheer shimmering neutral with cool undertones.
Top row has primer, bottom row doesn’t. Even without, the colors still have lots of punch.
Peachy Sheen is a pretty peachy-pink blush with shimmer. It is very sheer and natural, but can be layered for more pigment.
Apricot is a matte peach-orange blush. You only need a tiny dab with this one…holy pigment, Batman.
Overall, I totally recommend Star Crushed Minerals. Go get your paws on some o’ that!
Disclaimer: The items reviewed in this post were purchased by me.

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When I'm not busy with housewifery and mommy duties, you may find me reading, cooking, sewing, or possibly even painting. Oh, and, I like makeup - a lot.
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