So, so tired

I am exhausted.

With going to school full time and my new job, I’m starting to feel very run down. I can’t pay attention in class, and at work I am low on energy.

When I get home, I’m so tired that I have barely any interest in doing anything with my husband or pets. This makes me sad.

I feel so drained. I’m working to help out but I feel like not being able to spend time at home makes it not so worth it. I feel zapped and unhappy. But money still needs to be made.

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours at night for me to sleep. I don’t feel recharged when my alarm goes off.

I feel so blah and noncaring lately. Snappy and irritable.


Sorry for the depressing post…Just wanted to let off some steam.


About Hannah

When I'm not busy with housewifery and mommy duties, you may find me reading, cooking, sewing, or possibly even painting. Oh, and, I like makeup - a lot.
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