Swatches: Soft, shimmering neutrals from Madison Street Beauty

PicsArt_1395953168856Lately, I have really been into soft neutral shades. When I was younger, I was all about bright, vibrant colors – purples, blues, greens, etc. Now…seems like I’m starting to gravitate towards browns, taupes, and peaches.

I’ve had these eyeshadows from Madison Street Beauty for a while now (since the summer), but lately I’ve been using them a lot. Their soft, subtle shimmer has really been hitting the spot.

I just felt like swatching these for you today. Ooooh, the sparkles….

Here’s some swatches of three shades I randomly grabbed from my stash of MSB shadows: Peach Fizz, Champagne, and Chai. All of these were swatched over a base; without, they are much more subtle.



PicsArt_1395951651773PicsArt_1395951617293PicsArt_1395951775659 PicsArt_1395952163860


Pretty, right? Overall, I really like these shades. There is some fallout, but I believe that tends to come with the territory of mineral/loose eyeshadows in general. Use a sticky base and you’ll be good to go.

The prices of Madison Street Beauty is cheap as can be – their products seem to be perpetually on sale. Check them out on their Etsy shop.

Disclaimer: The items in this review were purchased by me.


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When I'm not busy with housewifery and mommy duties, you may find me reading, cooking, sewing, or possibly even painting. Oh, and, I like makeup - a lot.
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2 Responses to Swatches: Soft, shimmering neutrals from Madison Street Beauty

  1. Those are beautiful.

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