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Bun in the Oven!

I have definitely let this poor blog grow cold in the last few months. For that, I am really sorry! But… I promise, I actually have a reason. Some exciting news…   My husband and I are expecting our first … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Punch

Tonight, my husband and I were grocery shopping, originally for just a few things like milk, bread, and fruit. Well, you know how it is, one thing leads to another… and suddenly, you’re doing some legitimate shopping. It’s never just … Continue reading

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Life seems good

You know what? For once…life seems good. There’s always so many things you can nitpick about: things are never perfect, and I can almost always find something to complain over. It’s often easier to focus on what’s wrong, rather than … Continue reading

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The Return of Tobias

We have four pets (two dogs: Sasha and Jiya, and two cats: Selby and Toby), and they are my little babies. I really love them dearly. In particular, I am very close to Toby, who is always glued to my … Continue reading

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So, so tired

I am exhausted. With going to school full time and my new job, I’m starting to feel very run down. I can’t pay attention in class, and at work I am low on energy. When I get home, I’m so … Continue reading

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